Spring Return - Type A Piston Pump

Series SR - Type A - Plunger dosing pump

"A" type piston metering pumps are suitable for use when the liquid to dose is non abrasive solution and when high pressure is required. The gearbox is a standard wormwheel reduction system coupled with a vertical mounted B14 shaped electric motor in accordance with UNEL-MEC specification. The mechanism for variation of the stroke length is a positive stroke spring return operated by an eccentric. Stroke adjustment can be done manually, electrically (4-20 mA; Profibus) and pneumatically. Different multiple head units are available on request. All the series can be ATEX certified.


Max. Capacity

Max. Pressure

A 125N

156 Lt/h 20 Bar

A 175N

408 Lt/h 20 Bar

A 250N

1042 Lt/h 20 Bar

A 350N

1458 Lt/h 4 Bar

AP - A 125N

15,6 Lt/h 250 Bar

AP - A 175N

28,6 Lt/h 250 Bar

AP - A 250N

74,1 Lt/h 250 Bar


Some standard execution 11 13 17 20 32 06
Pump head S.S.316 PVC S.S.316 PVC S.S.316 PP
Piston S.S.316 Ceramic Ceramic S.S.316 S.S.420 Ceramic
Piston gasket NBR FPM FPM NBR AU FPM
Valve seats S.S.316 PVC S.S.316 PVC S.S.316 PP
Valve ball S.S.316 PYREX S.S.316 PYREX S.S.316 PYREX