Solenoid Dosing Pump - Type GA

Series SDP - Type GA - Solenoid Dosing Pump

GA series is a small range but versatily of solenoid dosing pump. The design ensures a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility commensurate with the requirements of the water treatment. All the series is supply with a complete set of accessory including Filter, injection valve, suction & discharge pipe.


Max. Capacity

Max. Pressure

 GA 2 - 8

2 Lt/h 8 Bar

 GA 5 - 5

5 Lt/h 8 Bar

 GA 8 - 2

8 Lt/h 2 Bar


 Some standard  execution 11 13 12
 Pump head S.S.316 PVC PP
 Valve S.S.316 PVC PP
 Ball valve S.S.316 PYREX PYREX