Hidracar- Pulsation Dampeners - Oleohydraulics Starters

Hidracar - Oleohydraulics-Starters

START-HYDRO This is an equipment to start diesel engines completely autonomous, without electric batteries nor air-compressor.
The work principle is based on the energy stored in an oleopneumatic accumulator, pre-charged with dry nitrogen.
The complete equipment consists in a hand pump, a piston accumulator fixed and clamped to the oil tank, two operation valves, a pressure gauge and the oleohydraulic starter motor with an hydraulic cylinder to move the pinion out and back.

Start-Hydro main features:

Quick and easy start of diesel engines
Completely autonomous, without electric battery
Interchangeable with the other electric starters
Without sparks and anti-explosion
Heavy duty construction to work with 100% trustful as emergency